BabyDogeX beams with a new smile!
We let the community decide and changed our tokenomics fundamentally.
What remained are the Buy-Burn-Backs you love, as well as an adjusted Diamond Hour!

Time for Chapter 2, time for a turnaround, our rocket is already on its way to the moon!

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Diamond Hours

Ready for some Diamond HOURS? During this time the buytax is reduced to 7% and the sell tax is doubled to 36%.
Diamond Hours motivate to consistently green charts
Buyback are disabled at this Time.

Anti Bot Protection

One of the most important points that is always overlooked by projects is the anti-bot protection. We promise you a flawless launch, because with us no bot has a chance.


Holders of our project will be automatically rewarded with BUSD. Every hour a small part of the taxes of the incoming and outgoing volume is distributed to the holders. This means the more volume, the more rewards for our loyal holders.

Smart Buy-Burn-Back

Instead of just doing a buyback, we then burn the tokens to increase liquidity and price at the same time. This makes holding our token for a longer period of time an easy decision. Diamond hands are rewarded handsomely! There are no buybacks during Diamond Hours - another reason to take advantage of them: after them the Buy-Burn-Backs will conjure up strong green candles again


You can only Sell 0.2% of the Supply at once.
Thats a Total of 200.000.000 $BDOGEX at once.



Hello World.

Baby Doge X is born! Let’s celebrate the birth of this great project together and celebrate it by telling everyone about it. You missed DogeX? Then you definitely don’t want to miss Baby Doge X. Let’s go to the moon!

Phase 1

Fueled Up!

Fed up and ready

Grown, fed and ready to change the world of BSC. Our goals are big and to meet those goals we are firing up our marketing even more!

Phase 2


Financial freedom and a Baby Lambo

Finally, the baby Lambo is at the door. Time for even bigger goals. From here on out, nothing is out of reach. A small crawl for a baby, but a big step for BSC.

Phase 3


Buy Fees

14% Total


Sell Fee

18% Total
BuyTax + 4% divided equally among all individual components.


0.2% of the Max Supply can be sold at once. Never try more then 200.000.000 at once, it will not work.
Diamond Hours are from 22.00 UTC until 06.00 UTC. The Selltax there is doubled, and the buytax half of the original Buytax. 7% buy and 36% sell.

Our Team

You want to contact the right person for your request?
Our Project Team is listed here.
Of course, our moderators in Telegram can also help you.

Elon Muzk

Project Lead

Doge Gagarin

Marketing Lead

Doge Armstrong

Moderation Lead